Transparent Pricing

We believe that you have a right to know the true costs associated with producing and delivering a NutSac bag to you. This way you can make a fully informed decision about how your purchasing dollars are spent.
On every product page, you’ll see a chart detailing the costs to produce and deliver a NutSac bag to you including labor, materials, freight, shipping, etc.

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Our Pricing Model Saves You Money

We use a much lower markup than the traditional model. Our products are only marked up 2x cost –instead of 4x under the traditional model.

Typically, a manufacturer like NutSac would calculate a retail price by first doubling the cost to reach the wholesale price, and then doubling that price to determine the retail price. That’s up to 4x the cost to manufacturer the bag. Ouch!

Traditional Pricing Model:

$65.79 (cost) x 4 =$263.16

NutSac Transparent Pricing Model:

$65.79 (cost) x 2 = $129


How it Works

For each of our waxed canvas bags, we break down manufacturing costs, all of the fees, and describe how we arrive at the final price.

Manufacturing Costs

This is the amount we pay to have each bag manufactured. We’ve compartmentalized all of our costs into three categories:

    • Labor: This is the wage that is paid out to our sewers. You’ll notice this is a significant portion of a bag’s total costs. We use American labor. It is expensive.
    • Materials: Includes the cost of our waxed-canvas, top-grain leather, straps, hardware, zippers, etc.
    • Freight: Shipping of materials from vendors to manufacturers.

What are Fees?

There are fees that occur with every order that is made.

Purchases made through our website are subject to two fees— shipping and fulfillment. The shipping fee is what we pay to have your bag sent from our distribution center to your doorstep. The fulfillment fee is what we pay our online merchant account to have your order processed.

We’d love to tell you more about what we’re doing differently. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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