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You'll feel good about owning a NutSac because it’s made in the U.S.A. We love manufacturing in America! We love the sense of collaboration and support. We love the quality. And we love the trust and commitment of the people we work with. There is an authentic connection from canvas manufacture, to sewist, to the customer. Together we're creating jobs and making things better.

Pocket Liberation Front

Dear Comrades,

small-MPM-coverToday we turn our attention to a problem plaguing modern man…too much stuff in his pockets.

Since the dawn of this era of handheld computing, our pockets have been tasked with the impossible, to hold the ever-increasing technology society demands we carry. Despite the efforts of our best engineers, pocket technology has not and cannot improve. Stuffed pockets will always remain uncomfortable and dangerous.

As if man didn’t already have enough to carry in his pockets, now, in addition to his wallet, multi-tool, keys, change, and sunglasses he must carry an expensive, microwave emitting device dangerously close to his reproductive organs. Ask any man if he enjoys carrying stuff in his pocket. And he will answer with a universal, “No.”

Consider the innocent victims, our wives and girlfriends, who are routinely burdened with man’s gadgets. Women deserve justice. Man should carry his own damn stuff.



We create stuff. We create bags to carry that stuff. A small bag solves man’s stuffed pocket problem. So why don’t we carry a small bag? Every man knows that answer. It’s because he fears the scorn and ridicule of carrying a small bag. What the pocket oppressors would call a man-purse.

We ask you to join the Pocket Liberation Front.

From this day forward the PLF intends to liberate men’s pockets from the tyranny of too much stuff. We pledge to carry our share of the load. We pledge to carry a Man-Purse courageously, not just because it’s the most comfortable and smart way to haul our possessions, but also because it looks great. One man standing alone is crazy. Two is a conspiracy. But together, it’s a revolution.

Liberate your pockets!  Join the PLF! For comfort. For health. Forever.

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